Tower Crane Hire Accessories Used for Lifting

Cranes are used to lift all sorts of things, including people, but in order to successfully accomplish the task, they need certain attachments to hold the items being lifted.


This is why when you approach a company for a tower crane hire, accessories are also available for hire or for sale so that you can have a complete lifting setup in your project site.


These tower crane hire accessories are designed, developed, and crafted to help the crane crew lift objects and people safely and economically.



Tower Crane Hire Accessories Come In Several Forms And Sizes


The following are some of the most commonly utilised accessories in different kinds of projects:


Brick cage – This is designed to carry pallets and is available in a couple of dimensions. This tower crane attachment is a fully enclosed cage. Lifting from four points, it’s the only method allowed for unloading and moving palletised goods safely on construction sites. It may also be used for storage when not hoisting.

Block cage – This one is just like the brick cage, only bigger and capable of carrying a heavier load. It is designed to safely convey both pallets and bricks, as well as similar loose goods via overhead crane.

Rescue cage – This is used for first aid rescue and is designed strictly in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1418.17. It can hold as many as six people and is manufactured with an outward opening door to suit rescue applications for your building site.

Concrete kibble – This allows for easy handling of concrete with the use of an overhead crane. It is assembled with a chute, which easily swings into position for either bottom or side discharge.

Man box – As the name suggests, this is designed to be used to transport people, usually personnel, to and from any height. It comes in different dimensions and weight capacities. Some can carry just one person, while others can carry more.

Rubbish bin – This is a hands-free, self-dumping waste bin and lifts from four points.
Mono prop – This is designed to support heavy loads up to 35 tonnes at considerable height, promoting savings in labour, time, and money. There are different configurations and modules available.


Besides these accessories, ACH also offers a propping system it has developed for use in installing its cranes on suspended concrete slabs.


All these accessories meet the relevant Australian Standard and individually carry an Engineering Certificate. They also typically come in Safety Yellow.


We at Active Crane Hire are serious about safety and ensuring you get the best results from your crane hire with these tower crane hire accessories. Give us a call to discuss your project needs on 1300 703 403 or use our Get A Quote form.

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