Video Series

You’re in good hands

“You’re in Good Hands” – Video Series by Active Crane Hire is a miniseries that we have been working on to bring you behind the scenes to one of the leading crane companies in Australia.

Through this series we want to share insights into the crane industry, educate with our know-how and expert advice all whilst introducing you to the team who know how to get the job done.

The series will demonstrate the importance in a “high-risk industry” to have as many processes as possible under control by one trusted crane supplier, what we at Active Crane Hire believe is the foundation to produce quality and best ROI for our clients.

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Episode 1

Meet the Team

Episode 2

The Electro Hydraulic Luffing Crane

Episode 3

The Hydraulic Loading Deck HLD 2200

Episode 4

Welcome to Active Crane HQ

Episode 5

Celebrating 20 years of Active Crane Hire!


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