Crane Services

Our crane hire services are there to provide you with some peace of mind. We are here to help ensure the success and safety of your project by carrying out the the services necessary to get your crane installed and operating. This includes crane maintenance, crane operator training and crane support services to ensure your crane is in good condition.

We will help you to develop your materials handling budget, so there’s no surprises.

At Active Crane Hire, we prefer to get involved at an early stage of the building project. Choosing the correct crane and location is important in order to achieve maximum benefits, productivity and to keep the material handling costs to a minimum.

Due to our extensive fleet of cranes and different crane types, Active Crane Hire puts maximum efforts in advising which crane is the most suitable unit for your project. We work with you, review the site plans and step-by-step develop the best possible material handling solution.

We have substantial experience and have been able to master some of the most challenging projects and sites. Our experience ranges from installing cranes by barges and barge cranes, to installing cranes on rooftop buildings (12 storeys heigh) in order to service the internal fit out, or floor additions to keep the disruptions on the street level to a minimum.

Our Crane Services Range

Crane Site Planning

We’ll get involved, so you don’t have to.

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Crane Base Engineering

Base Engineering – to support the Crane…critical for safety

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Crane Installation

Installation – all done in house by Active Crane Hire

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Crane Commissioning

Increasing safety and maximising crane efficiency

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Service & Maintenance

Our Team have been trained by the manufacturers

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Crane Removals

Dismantling and removing cranes in a timely manner

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Crane Transport

Modern fleet of trucks and trailers

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Crane Operator Training

We provide training and induction in safe use and operation of all cranes

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You’re in Good Hands.

Our experienced team have worked along side our clients on some of the largest projects. If you need some help finding the right product for your needs, contact our team and we will discuss your project needs with you.

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