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Base Engineering – to support the Crane… critical for safety

To maximise job site productivity and be compliant with health and safety regulations, the substructure of a tower crane must be appropriately designed based on the crane’s lifting load. Tower crane foundation engineering must be meticulously designed to neutralise any safety risks that may occur during vertical lift operations.

Only a technically sound structural engineer, equipped with core competencies in crane base design and engineering, can guarantee a crane’s structural safety. Structural engineers have the technical knowledge in lift equipment design, structural analysis and calculations, and crane safety analysis to improve the efficiency of a crane base design while keeping costs and productivity at adequate levels.

As a crane base design company, we take active measures to manage every aspect of your crane hire experience. We will walk you through every step of the process, from selecting the right crane for the job and site planning to determining the correct type of crane base.

Over the last 12 years, we have worked exclusively with a trusted structural engineer consultant to provide well over 350 crane foundation designs for our clients across numerous job sites and projects. We have garnered significant experience by working closely with our clients to carefully manage costs and avoid last-minute costly modifications.

Our outstanding safety records ensure best practices are employed during the crane foundation design process and construction stage. Before we install a crane on-site, we work with our clients to understand any site-specific issues related to safe lifting operations.

We work through site-specific geotechnical information to highlight any potential safety risks that may arise. This includes understanding issues like wind effects, the stability bearing capacity of the supporting soil stratum, and other site-specific hazards. Once we have a comprehensive reference of site-specific hazards, our structural engineer consultant will provide all the necessary documentation including structural analysis and calculations, engineering reports, and certified crane base design drawings.

With this information, our Active Crane team can commission the construction of the base design. Crane base construction will typically consist of concrete and structural steel reinforcements. Once construction is completed, the site’s project manager and site personnel will be presented with a letter of compliance and a foundation certificate, verifying that crane base construction is accurately designed in strict compliance with the required industry standards.

Our detailed approach to crane base engineering promotes safety and delivers a turnkey solution for our clients. While we offer our clients the choice of using their own engineer, we prefer to do the service in house. This ensures the work we provide is designed and supervised by experienced professionals and eliminates any surprises during the design process and construction. We work closely with our partners and provide responsive service to our clients to complete projects economically and efficiently.

From design to construction, our crane foundation design services can be customised to meet your particular needs. Active Crane Hire provides this engineering service at very competitive rates for our clients.

Starting a new construction project? Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our expert crane hire services and how we can ensure the success of your project.

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