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Want to know more about Active Crane Hire, our products and services? Use this FAQs page to get the information you need, including tips on choosing the best crane suppliers, details about our estimated tower crane hire costs and more.

Why use a permanent onsite crane?

There are a variety of reasons and associated benefits…

ROI and financial benefits due to the increase in construction speed: A permanent onsite self-erecting crane or tower crane brings efficiency to all of your material handling. Because material handling is a key process in the building and construction industry and a major cost factor, cranes have a significant impact on the speed of construction and therefore the reduction of material handling costs. Just consider the financial benefit at the end of a building project if you can reduce the construction time by a minimum of 25% when using a permanent onsite crane.

OHS Benefits: Because cranes take care of all the heavy lifting on a building site, they significantly reduce the risk of injury to personnel associated with heavy lifting. A permanent onsite crane also helps to keep the building site “clean and organized” and reduces the risks of tripping or falling.

Motivation of Onsite Staff: By providing a permanent onsite crane, building personnel can concentrate on the actual construction work because they are not heavily involved in the physical task of lifting materials. This drives the momentum of building activity and reduces the danger of physical burnout of onsite staff.

Benefits to the Neighbourhood: Construction activity can have a negative impact on the residents of the immediate neighbourhood due to noise, traffic congestion and dust. Reducing the timeframe of construction reduces the timeframe of inconvenience. A crane positioned on site rather than an occasional temporary one on the street also reduces traffic congestion and therefore the frustration of residents. Cranes that are electric and emission free are ideal for keeping the construction noise and pollution to a minimum.

How much does a permanent onsite self-erecting crane or tower crane hire cost?

On average a self-erecting crane hire can cost as little as the cost of one (1) labourer per week. If you add in the cost of another person (the crane operator) then you have a budget for material handling. To say the obvious… the combination of crane and operator is extremely productive as the lifting crane never gets tired and can lift pallets of bricks, reo, sand, formwork, etc. all day long.

What is the process to organize a crane?

Simply call us at Active Crane Hire and we will guide you step by step.

We will help you to choose the correct type of crane and assist you in finding the best and most cost effective crane position on your site.

Once the correct crane type and crane position is selected we will organize the proper crane base design through our structural engineer in consultation with your building engineer.

Once the crane base has been established Active Crane Hire will organize the whole process of crane installation, traffic management, council permits etc.

Active Crane Hire will guide you step by step throughout the complete process of crane site planning, crane establishment, service and maintenance plus crane removal.

Who can operate a crane?

A self-erecting tower crane requires a licensed Operator with a CS Class Certificate of Competency.
A tower crane requires a licensed Operator with a CT Class certificate of Competency.

Our Active Crane Hire specialists can also guide you in obtaining these licenses – Just give us a call.

Our core business is built on the “dry hire” of cranes (that is, crane hire without an operator). However, we are able to recommend Companies who specialize in the supply of crane operators or we are also able to recommend licensed operators who are looking for work.

The choice is yours… just give us a call

What are the key elements to consider before choosing a crane supplier?

At Active Crane Hire we know that as a prospective client you have a choice of different crane suppliers, but you should ask yourself the following questions:

Did you visit your crane supplier at their crane yard? We know that usually a supplier visits the customer. However, in the crane industry it is very important that the customer also visits the supplier. Only by seeing the scope of their operations will you be able to verify the promises which have been made by your potential crane supplier.

Have you asked to inspect a working crane? Whether you are a crane expert or not, a brief visit / crane inspection at a working site or at the supplier’s premises will give you further comfort in your decision.

Who provides the service backup? At Active Crane Hire we employ our own service team and factory trained electrician and limit our reliance on subcontractors. This level of in house service has been a key factor in our high customer satisfaction rating and generates a high level of repeat business.

Have you checked their stock level and crane ownership? Asking “How many cranes do you have?” is a very important question to ask. After all, you want to make sure that once you choose a crane the supplier can also supply a crane. Also check who owns the crane which will be delivered as some crane suppliers rely heavily on the sub-hire of cranes from others. Needless to say this could lead to complications if the crane is not functioning properly. At Active Crane Hire, we have a fleet in excess of 170 POTAIN cranes. This makes the allocation of cranes and crane selection easier, even in a high demand construction cycle.

Have you obtained references? There is no harm in talking to construction companies who have previously used your potential crane supplier. And beware of the cheapest offer
It is not possible to acquire high value for little money. Cheap can become expensive, so beware of that.

Unfortunately, once a crane has been established or the crane base has been installed you have made your choice of crane supplier. It is not practicable to change a crane supplier during the duration of the construction project due to the high costs involved.

If your crane supplier does not turn out to be what was promised you are, like it or not, stuck with them for the duration of the project. Therefore please… buyer beware.

The Crane industry is highly regulated and equipment costs and upkeep are capital intensive. So once again, check out your supplier and beware of the cheapest offer.

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